April 23, 2010

Hello, Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening to you all.

My dear beloved readers.

You might be asking yourselves. “Why you in such a good mood Alex?” Well!

Are you sitting down?…

Yours truly just came back from a little lovely visit from Mister Owen Lusch. And I have many reasons to be so excited. Aside from Mister Owen’s lovely people skills the talented content creator is at it again. You might ask yourself: “Noo Again?!” “How does he have it in him?” and the oh so popular… “OMG HOT!”

To answer those questions: “Ooooh Yes… mhmmm again!”, “I have no idea he just does.” and, “I know riiiiiight!”

The new release is based off of the fabulous Jaguar XK in rl.

The new project does not have a scheduled release date set. Though when I saw it, it was almost complete. Installing the windows and some scripts said Owen to me. In what I can imagine was a accomplished satisfied tone.

Now… On a personal note.

When will he stop?! I mean really. Whoever told him he could go around all of second life creating such fabulous things?!

All joking aside though folks. I am very excited about this pending release. I can’t wait to get my toosh behind the wheel of that beast and hear it purr.






Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Picture Source: CarDotCom.com

Pictures Edited by: Alexand Vantelli


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