In Pursuit…

April 27, 2010




The hard deep beat of the loud base thumps its way into the pit of your stomach. The bumping beat making its way into your ear canals. The way it seems to glide over the city streets rather then drive. Taking turns smoothly with force yet grace. The city lights at night flashing off the smooth shell becoming one with the car for only a instant.  Leaving any driver or guest feeling secure in the ability of speed, comfort and safety of the car. Heavy and intimidating. Calling out power and luxury as it drives by.

The Elite by Lusch Motors…

Hard but soft… Demanding but, understanding…

The front end of this car designed more like the face of a wild beast you might expect to come across in the night preying in some tall brush waiting for you to step only a inch closer before pouncing. There is something about this luxury… Something pulling.

The bold feature and sharp lines indicate confidence. Confidence in performance, comfort and, sheer appeal. A kind of cocky attitude exudes from the car itself because if possible it seems to know what is is. Sheer brute force coexisting peacefully with refined luxury.

The Details:

Many new things have changed about Lusch Motors in regards to the release of the newer “Elite”. The Car has been integrated with new driving scripts and motions. A New hud has been paired with the release and new features. Many of them being new head light options.

The new headlights have distinct settings that can be changed via a simple click of the car exterior or by using the new hud. From a dim “parking lights” mode. That allows you to keep a lit environment while stepping from your car to your door or vice versa. To the driving more and of course off. Turning the car on and off is a charming feature while still inside of it via the hud. More potential for RP and realism seems to have been a driving factor.

The new drive. The motions of the car itself seem to have been changed as well. The car drives a lot heavier then past releases. Seeming to drive more like a heavy SUV rather then the fast roaring beast it resembles. The new drive makes it hard to take sharp corners with easy and backing takes some getting used to. Having to come to a complete stop before being able to reverse and the slow response time of the brakes makes it harder to avoid many of SL obstacles. Though with all that said. Is it more of the car not being so responsive or is it that we have become used to unrealistically sharp turning and unreasonably fast accelerating cars? Thinking that is more the case rather then the car being stubborn and hard to maneuver. The car drive peacefully yet you can almost feel the weight of the heavy engine. True the car takes some getting used to at first but, it is a getting used to that you will when driving other cars miss. For the realistic drive is a pleasure to embrace.

Taking the car for a spin on the tight turns and roads of SL was extremely pleasant. The new features offer such a more realistic and comfortable ride. Also allowing the car to reach a fast top speed it isn’t a problem for the thrill seeker inside of us.

Bitting my lower lip as I rev the engine… knocking it into gear and peeling out of the gravel road sending pebbles flying into the air behind me. Seeming more like they were running from the intimidating roar rather then I speeding off. Experience the strength and sheer power of the Elite. Its features are a luxury you will grow accustom to and use to discriminate when shopping for other luxury cars to add to your collection.

The Elite by Lusch Motors.






Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Pictures Taken by: Alexand Vantelli


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