Get me through… Light me up…

May 25, 2010





Legendary Craftsmanship…

The Windsor by Lusch Motors needs not a elaberate telling of its tremendous speed…

Of its quality of manufacture… Nor of the appeal it has on everyone is passes.

The latest release from Lusch Motors has new features not seen in past Lusch vehicles. With from driver and passenger windows that roll down individually. Not by complicated menu’s but by a simple click on the window itself. A easy to use HUD and menu driven system. Though the acceleration is faster then on other vehicles by Lusch Motors. The response time of the handling makes it a breeze to maneuver the car. Tires having plenty of custom texture to choose from and just as many paint coats to slap on this fabulous car. Though the low use of prim work inside the car itself is noted the details of the well designed dash and sculpted steering wheels are as well for its benefit.






Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Pictures Taken by: Alexand Vantelli


One Response to “Get me through… Light me up…”

  1. Carrie.N said

    It’s a very very nice car!!!I’m so happy that the car is in the store now lol.

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