Memories and More

June 2, 2010

Looking back…

Remembering good times had…

Trips together… Adventures together… Memories together…

Hardships and broken hearts…

The Gmund 356B by GEMC Created by the so very talented BeckHan Ra has been there through them all.

Looking back and to the feature. The Gmund 356B has been in mind. In sad and happy times. Quality comforts one in a way I believe. That is why I think the Gmund was my chosen vehicle when at the last Vantelli estate and when I moved from it to the more fast pace life of the city.

The amount of engineering that goes into everything single vehicle created by BeckHan Ra is outstanding. From sculpted seat belts to clutch, brake and, gas petals. Gear sticks, radio knobs and, dials. All sculpted to details of excellence.

The One and Only:

Gmund 356B…

This amazing little car has a amazingly immense personality and even more character. This beautifully crafted creation comes with more details and handcrafted features not seen with most other car manufacturers in Second Life.

Some of the amazing details…

With custom everything from amazing sounds depicting the beautiful vintage car. To the amazing functions of the menu. From working headlights and tail lights. To working turn signals of either both sides or functioning “Hazards”. Working windshield wipers. To interior lights when the car door opens. Every detail of this car has been replicated to into Second Life with such amazing care for quality.

So mane more options to this vehicle that it seems almost endless customization. From a adorable bike rack for the back to choosing from different styles and sizes of steering wheels. Colors galore and interiors that will make your head spin. A hardtop and a cabriole version with a top that can be lowered. Windows that roll up, down and in between on both sides together or individually.

This little car with such a amazingly big personality is one of our favorites. Ladies and Gentlemen in search of quality and attention to detail.

The Gmund 356B by the so very talented company of GEMC






Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Pictures Taken by: Alexand Vantelli


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