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July 5, 2010



Sets by the endlessly talented Kayle Matzerath


Garden of Dreams


. Vantelli|illetnaV .

“The Goodies”

. Once a month will be posting a special piece .

. It will be either something unreleased or something so well crafted that is must not go without being posted .

. Alexand Vantelli .


. Fashion . Living Well . Living Fashion .


And here we are yet again with another goodie for you all! This time we have the creations of the oh so talented Kayle Matzerath for Garden of Dream. These sets have such endless possibilities. From somewhere to take picture to somewhere to live out one blissful day after another in world.

From the beautiful hand crafted “fields”. Where a seemingly endless blue sky kisses softly the soft lush gentle breeze swayed grasses in the seamless distance.

The the hot heated nights of tent in the warm seas of sands.

Kayle Matzerath having created such a level of detail and realism. Immersing you in each scene easily. With such beautiful crafted details and accents that can be used in other scenarios. Woven Persian rugs and hand forged bronze serving trays to hay covered wagons. Ground pillows to lay out by a pool or on a dock over looking a deep serene lake. These creations exceed above and beyond thepre-packaging with endless possibilities.

Paces for events or leisure. Such as the “Piano Bar” set. A all white and black themed piano bar. Using it for a live singers lounge or as a set for a lavish party. This scene calls for a lavish event to be host to.

Or whether it be in a old cemetery. Tilted and broken headstones. Dark as the low fog roles in lacing over your shoes.
Needing a place for a quiet little pic nick with a loved one. Or a fairy tale forest for adventures with furry lovable creature. Kayle Matzerath has provided thus.
In “The Wood Glade”
Feeling a bit on the Indiana Jones side one day. Kayle Matzerath is happy to help you get your fix of classics such as a little Indie.
The Sets by Kayle Matzerath are astonishing. One sculpted “dream scene” after another. Such details like torn pages in a journal to the fine details painted on the walls of the “Tibetan Temple”. Kayle Matzerath has created something most can only imagine. Here it is ladies and gentlemen, high quality sculpted sets for business and pleasure. Take full advantage of it, nothing is forever But while this is here we have a better hope for the tomorrow of Second Life. For Kayle is truly making SL a much better place day after day with each sculpted Dream Scene.
The Dream Scenes by Kayle Matzerath





Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Pictures Taken by: Alexand Vantelli


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