SL-S Reawakened

February 23, 2011



That is what you cause when you slip into the cabin of this vessel. You ignite a roar as you hit the ignition. The word “car” is not one you will find in the definition of this vessel. The SL-S by HaruMotors reaches new heights in the Second Life marketplaces.

Striding three hundred and sixty degrees around this vessel you will find only styling and dedication.

HaruMotors work seems to have blasted through the roof into the stars. Leaving it’s competitors far behind in the wake. With the release of the SL-S, HaruMotors showcases the capability of detail, high definition detail and, attention to detail most content creators in SL lack.

True and realistic door opening and closing sounds and animations; bring this creation out of the line and to the front. Opening her wings will make anyone step back as they smoothly slip open. Then another step back will have to be taken, this time in shock and amazement. HaruMotors again outdoes themselves making physical what a SL content creator should strive for. Realism, Attention to detail, quality of Custom Work. Almost each and every knob handle and button are sculpted. No surface was over passed because of the constraints of SL. Back and fourth from the drawing board to keep the prim cost down. As to not have to worry the owner with Avi attachments.

The SLS by Mercedes-Benz is fashion. It’s lines, smooth strokes on a canvas. The vents from the top mimic that of gils and its angular headlights look that of cheetah eyes. This hybrid in design mixing elements from the greatest predators in the world. Making itself to be one of the most fierce creations known thus far. Brought inworld by the fabulous renowned luxury vehicle designer HaruMotors.

At any angle…

Sideways… On her nose…. Upside down…. The SL-S by HaruMotors is a masterpiece from any and all angles.

Can this vessel do it all? Seemingly you might think so…. And you will be pressed hard to prove that wrong. This vessel is thus far HaruMotors best work. Assuring HaruMotors their rightful place in the SL luxury market.

The features…

Where to start… The SL-S has set itself and HaruMotors aside from any other vehicle manufacturer in SL.

From the scripting: The new low lag vehicle releases it’s owner from the grips of crashing many of the previous releases had clenched around their stick shifts. The seemingly lag less car rolls smoothly past sim crossings and high lag areas. Not to worry, none of the precious quirky animations we have come to expect from HaruMotors have gone missing. The manufacturer spared no animation in the creation of this low lag beast. Animations vary from driver and passenger animations for sitting and standing from the vehicle. To one that is having me speeding past the gas pump to achieve.

You see…. With the release of the new addition to the family of HaruMotors. Also come the addition to a new feature. Fuel… That is right, the new vehicle requires gas. From 0 to 100% the SL-S comes with a charming custom vintage gas pump. Rezing it next to the car and simply selecting the amount you would like to pump. Easy and fast refueling this beast will free you back onto the open road within seconds. You may breath easy to know, it is not required. With the recently released update the fuel expense feature may be turned on and off at your pleasure. If you do wish to leave it activated do keep the meter in mind or you will find yourself out and down. More literally then some would like. The SL-S is programed with a animation that when you run out of fuel; your avatar stands from the car standing next to it. Grabbing the side frame and the steering wheel you will have to push. Pushing your lovely new toy to the nearest rez point to drop the gas pump might be more enjoyable then you might think; with the witty and realistic animation.

What can one say badly about such a creation?

Well my dears… As you know very well. Alex always has something to say about everything. But I am sadden to tell you that at this point and time we have no criticisms for HaruMotors.

Oh wait….

There is one thing…

Well as for the textures. The textures on this vehicles are just so damn well done. Only getting one for the expensive price seems a bit steep. At least being able to change the leather on the interior would be bonus. Being stuck with whatever HaruMotors decides to give you for your interior lining is the only drag I can find with the SL-S. The unwillingness of HaruMotors to do a different color palate on a potential purchase you may want to make. Leaves one craving for a bit more quality customer care as one would expect to receive when shopping for something of this price point.

Alright so those are not problem with the SL-S, more HaruMotors. But I had to find something to poke at didn’t I? The fabulously textureed, sculpted, animated and over all fabulous SL-S by HaruMotors.

The only trouble you will have with it, is deciding which colors you want.


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