SL-S Reawakened

February 23, 2011



That is what you cause when you slip into the cabin of this vessel. You ignite a roar as you hit the ignition. The word “car” is not one you will find in the definition of this vessel. The SL-S by HaruMotors reaches new heights in the Second Life marketplaces.

Striding three hundred and sixty degrees around this vessel you will find only styling and dedication.

HaruMotors work seems to have blasted through the roof into the stars. Leaving it’s competitors far behind in the wake. With the release of the SL-S, HaruMotors showcases the capability of detail, high definition detail and, attention to detail most content creators in SL lack.

True and realistic door opening and closing sounds and animations; bring this creation out of the line and to the front. Opening her wings will make anyone step back as they smoothly slip open. Then another step back will have to be taken, this time in shock and amazement. HaruMotors again outdoes themselves making physical what a SL content creator should strive for. Realism, Attention to detail, quality of Custom Work. Almost each and every knob handle and button are sculpted. No surface was over passed because of the constraints of SL. Back and fourth from the drawing board to keep the prim cost down. As to not have to worry the owner with Avi attachments.

The SLS by Mercedes-Benz is fashion. It’s lines, smooth strokes on a canvas. The vents from the top mimic that of gils and its angular headlights look that of cheetah eyes. This hybrid in design mixing elements from the greatest predators in the world. Making itself to be one of the most fierce creations known thus far. Brought inworld by the fabulous renowned luxury vehicle designer HaruMotors.

At any angle…

Sideways… On her nose…. Upside down…. The SL-S by HaruMotors is a masterpiece from any and all angles.

Can this vessel do it all? Seemingly you might think so…. And you will be pressed hard to prove that wrong. This vessel is thus far HaruMotors best work. Assuring HaruMotors their rightful place in the SL luxury market.

The features…

Where to start… The SL-S has set itself and HaruMotors aside from any other vehicle manufacturer in SL.

From the scripting: The new low lag vehicle releases it’s owner from the grips of crashing many of the previous releases had clenched around their stick shifts. The seemingly lag less car rolls smoothly past sim crossings and high lag areas. Not to worry, none of the precious quirky animations we have come to expect from HaruMotors have gone missing. The manufacturer spared no animation in the creation of this low lag beast. Animations vary from driver and passenger animations for sitting and standing from the vehicle. To one that is having me speeding past the gas pump to achieve.

You see…. With the release of the new addition to the family of HaruMotors. Also come the addition to a new feature. Fuel… That is right, the new vehicle requires gas. From 0 to 100% the SL-S comes with a charming custom vintage gas pump. Rezing it next to the car and simply selecting the amount you would like to pump. Easy and fast refueling this beast will free you back onto the open road within seconds. You may breath easy to know, it is not required. With the recently released update the fuel expense feature may be turned on and off at your pleasure. If you do wish to leave it activated do keep the meter in mind or you will find yourself out and down. More literally then some would like. The SL-S is programed with a animation that when you run out of fuel; your avatar stands from the car standing next to it. Grabbing the side frame and the steering wheel you will have to push. Pushing your lovely new toy to the nearest rez point to drop the gas pump might be more enjoyable then you might think; with the witty and realistic animation.

What can one say badly about such a creation?

Well my dears… As you know very well. Alex always has something to say about everything. But I am sadden to tell you that at this point and time we have no criticisms for HaruMotors.

Oh wait….

There is one thing…

Well as for the textures. The textures on this vehicles are just so damn well done. Only getting one for the expensive price seems a bit steep. At least being able to change the leather on the interior would be bonus. Being stuck with whatever HaruMotors decides to give you for your interior lining is the only drag I can find with the SL-S. The unwillingness of HaruMotors to do a different color palate on a potential purchase you may want to make. Leaves one craving for a bit more quality customer care as one would expect to receive when shopping for something of this price point.

Alright so those are not problem with the SL-S, more HaruMotors. But I had to find something to poke at didn’t I? The fabulously textureed, sculpted, animated and over all fabulous SL-S by HaruMotors.

The only trouble you will have with it, is deciding which colors you want.


Works of Passion..

July 5, 2010



Sets by the endlessly talented Kayle Matzerath


Garden of Dreams


. Vantelli|illetnaV .

“The Goodies”

. Once a month will be posting a special piece .

. It will be either something unreleased or something so well crafted that is must not go without being posted .

. Alexand Vantelli .


. Fashion . Living Well . Living Fashion .


And here we are yet again with another goodie for you all! This time we have the creations of the oh so talented Kayle Matzerath for Garden of Dream. These sets have such endless possibilities. From somewhere to take picture to somewhere to live out one blissful day after another in world.

From the beautiful hand crafted “fields”. Where a seemingly endless blue sky kisses softly the soft lush gentle breeze swayed grasses in the seamless distance.

The the hot heated nights of tent in the warm seas of sands.

Kayle Matzerath having created such a level of detail and realism. Immersing you in each scene easily. With such beautiful crafted details and accents that can be used in other scenarios. Woven Persian rugs and hand forged bronze serving trays to hay covered wagons. Ground pillows to lay out by a pool or on a dock over looking a deep serene lake. These creations exceed above and beyond thepre-packaging with endless possibilities.

Paces for events or leisure. Such as the “Piano Bar” set. A all white and black themed piano bar. Using it for a live singers lounge or as a set for a lavish party. This scene calls for a lavish event to be host to.

Or whether it be in a old cemetery. Tilted and broken headstones. Dark as the low fog roles in lacing over your shoes.
Needing a place for a quiet little pic nick with a loved one. Or a fairy tale forest for adventures with furry lovable creature. Kayle Matzerath has provided thus.
In “The Wood Glade”
Feeling a bit on the Indiana Jones side one day. Kayle Matzerath is happy to help you get your fix of classics such as a little Indie.
The Sets by Kayle Matzerath are astonishing. One sculpted “dream scene” after another. Such details like torn pages in a journal to the fine details painted on the walls of the “Tibetan Temple”. Kayle Matzerath has created something most can only imagine. Here it is ladies and gentlemen, high quality sculpted sets for business and pleasure. Take full advantage of it, nothing is forever But while this is here we have a better hope for the tomorrow of Second Life. For Kayle is truly making SL a much better place day after day with each sculpted Dream Scene.
The Dream Scenes by Kayle Matzerath





Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Pictures Taken by: Alexand Vantelli


June 30, 2010

The Grand Opening
The Music Hotel and Residences

Home to V. Casa designs.
This Saturday (July 3rd) At Noon SLT!
Home to V. Casa designs.
THIS SATURDAY (July 3rd) At Noon SLT!

Gmund Insert…

June 17, 2010

We just love the Gmund by GEMC so…

That it seems to end up sneaking into so many of our pictures…

Sheer Delight

June 3, 2010

From the designs of the legendary Chandon Dollinger

A boat born from curiosity…

Built with with quality and enjoyed with passion…

Levels of details and superior craftsmanship…

Making dreams and memories aboard this vessel is easy…

Because it more of a dream then reality…

The nameless luxury speed boat by Chandon is a concept dreamed up by the gifted designer.

This fabulous creation is not for sale and will not be released through his former grand brand of Cigar Yachts. Merely created for entertainment  for the gifted creator. This proves yet again that our Chadon has no signs of running out of amazing ideas and concepts. And proves once more that his building and craftsmanship skills grow more and more stronger with every passing stunning creation.






Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Pictures Taken by: Alexand Vantelli

Memories and More

June 2, 2010

Looking back…

Remembering good times had…

Trips together… Adventures together… Memories together…

Hardships and broken hearts…

The Gmund 356B by GEMC Created by the so very talented BeckHan Ra has been there through them all.

Looking back and to the feature. The Gmund 356B has been in mind. In sad and happy times. Quality comforts one in a way I believe. That is why I think the Gmund was my chosen vehicle when at the last Vantelli estate and when I moved from it to the more fast pace life of the city.

The amount of engineering that goes into everything single vehicle created by BeckHan Ra is outstanding. From sculpted seat belts to clutch, brake and, gas petals. Gear sticks, radio knobs and, dials. All sculpted to details of excellence.

The One and Only:

Gmund 356B…

This amazing little car has a amazingly immense personality and even more character. This beautifully crafted creation comes with more details and handcrafted features not seen with most other car manufacturers in Second Life.

Some of the amazing details…

With custom everything from amazing sounds depicting the beautiful vintage car. To the amazing functions of the menu. From working headlights and tail lights. To working turn signals of either both sides or functioning “Hazards”. Working windshield wipers. To interior lights when the car door opens. Every detail of this car has been replicated to into Second Life with such amazing care for quality.

So mane more options to this vehicle that it seems almost endless customization. From a adorable bike rack for the back to choosing from different styles and sizes of steering wheels. Colors galore and interiors that will make your head spin. A hardtop and a cabriole version with a top that can be lowered. Windows that roll up, down and in between on both sides together or individually.

This little car with such a amazingly big personality is one of our favorites. Ladies and Gentlemen in search of quality and attention to detail.

The Gmund 356B by the so very talented company of GEMC






Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Pictures Taken by: Alexand Vantelli





Legendary Craftsmanship…

The Windsor by Lusch Motors needs not a elaberate telling of its tremendous speed…

Of its quality of manufacture… Nor of the appeal it has on everyone is passes.

The latest release from Lusch Motors has new features not seen in past Lusch vehicles. With from driver and passenger windows that roll down individually. Not by complicated menu’s but by a simple click on the window itself. A easy to use HUD and menu driven system. Though the acceleration is faster then on other vehicles by Lusch Motors. The response time of the handling makes it a breeze to maneuver the car. Tires having plenty of custom texture to choose from and just as many paint coats to slap on this fabulous car. Though the low use of prim work inside the car itself is noted the details of the well designed dash and sculpted steering wheels are as well for its benefit.






Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Pictures Taken by: Alexand Vantelli

In Pursuit…

April 27, 2010




The hard deep beat of the loud base thumps its way into the pit of your stomach. The bumping beat making its way into your ear canals. The way it seems to glide over the city streets rather then drive. Taking turns smoothly with force yet grace. The city lights at night flashing off the smooth shell becoming one with the car for only a instant.  Leaving any driver or guest feeling secure in the ability of speed, comfort and safety of the car. Heavy and intimidating. Calling out power and luxury as it drives by.

The Elite by Lusch Motors…

Hard but soft… Demanding but, understanding…

The front end of this car designed more like the face of a wild beast you might expect to come across in the night preying in some tall brush waiting for you to step only a inch closer before pouncing. There is something about this luxury… Something pulling.

The bold feature and sharp lines indicate confidence. Confidence in performance, comfort and, sheer appeal. A kind of cocky attitude exudes from the car itself because if possible it seems to know what is is. Sheer brute force coexisting peacefully with refined luxury.

The Details:

Many new things have changed about Lusch Motors in regards to the release of the newer “Elite”. The Car has been integrated with new driving scripts and motions. A New hud has been paired with the release and new features. Many of them being new head light options.

The new headlights have distinct settings that can be changed via a simple click of the car exterior or by using the new hud. From a dim “parking lights” mode. That allows you to keep a lit environment while stepping from your car to your door or vice versa. To the driving more and of course off. Turning the car on and off is a charming feature while still inside of it via the hud. More potential for RP and realism seems to have been a driving factor.

The new drive. The motions of the car itself seem to have been changed as well. The car drives a lot heavier then past releases. Seeming to drive more like a heavy SUV rather then the fast roaring beast it resembles. The new drive makes it hard to take sharp corners with easy and backing takes some getting used to. Having to come to a complete stop before being able to reverse and the slow response time of the brakes makes it harder to avoid many of SL obstacles. Though with all that said. Is it more of the car not being so responsive or is it that we have become used to unrealistically sharp turning and unreasonably fast accelerating cars? Thinking that is more the case rather then the car being stubborn and hard to maneuver. The car drive peacefully yet you can almost feel the weight of the heavy engine. True the car takes some getting used to at first but, it is a getting used to that you will when driving other cars miss. For the realistic drive is a pleasure to embrace.

Taking the car for a spin on the tight turns and roads of SL was extremely pleasant. The new features offer such a more realistic and comfortable ride. Also allowing the car to reach a fast top speed it isn’t a problem for the thrill seeker inside of us.

Bitting my lower lip as I rev the engine… knocking it into gear and peeling out of the gravel road sending pebbles flying into the air behind me. Seeming more like they were running from the intimidating roar rather then I speeding off. Experience the strength and sheer power of the Elite. Its features are a luxury you will grow accustom to and use to discriminate when shopping for other luxury cars to add to your collection.

The Elite by Lusch Motors.






Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Pictures Taken by: Alexand Vantelli


April 23, 2010

Hello, Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening to you all.

My dear beloved readers.

You might be asking yourselves. “Why you in such a good mood Alex?” Well!

Are you sitting down?…

Yours truly just came back from a little lovely visit from Mister Owen Lusch. And I have many reasons to be so excited. Aside from Mister Owen’s lovely people skills the talented content creator is at it again. You might ask yourself: “Noo Again?!” “How does he have it in him?” and the oh so popular… “OMG HOT!”

To answer those questions: “Ooooh Yes… mhmmm again!”, “I have no idea he just does.” and, “I know riiiiiight!”

The new release is based off of the fabulous Jaguar XK in rl.

The new project does not have a scheduled release date set. Though when I saw it, it was almost complete. Installing the windows and some scripts said Owen to me. In what I can imagine was a accomplished satisfied tone.

Now… On a personal note.

When will he stop?! I mean really. Whoever told him he could go around all of second life creating such fabulous things?!

All joking aside though folks. I am very excited about this pending release. I can’t wait to get my toosh behind the wheel of that beast and hear it purr.






Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Picture Source:

Pictures Edited by: Alexand Vantelli

An Awakening

April 18, 2010

The “click” and “snap” of a door shutting…

Sound of footsteps down the marble corridor…

Feeling the hard stone floor on your heel with every stride you take. The cool air from the air conditioners slipping between your loose fitting summer clothes. Sending a slight chill up your back…

Reaching up lightly touching your finger tip to the elevator call button. The rims around the button instantly lighting up white…

The swift brush of the the elevator car slowing down and stopping. The clank of the car doors opening invade your ear canals. Stepping in feeling the rush of the pull downward as the car takes a dive for the lobby…

Stepping out into the vast entry hall…

As the entrance doors open and stepping through a warm wave of desert heat engulfs you. Breathing in hot air your ears hear a purr… The feeling moves down to the pit of your stomach as the growl moves closer.  Not a sensation of fear but, of pleasure. Of knowing that the beast that approaches… has been tamed…

The roar hushing now as the beast turns the sharp round about stopping at your feet. The sheen bounces of the polished paint coat under the desert sun. Everyone and everything disappearing from sight only the super car remains.

The purr of the engine seemingly grunting in anticipation for you. Derring you to make the first more, like a wild beast with a grudge.

A muffled sounds invades your images of the beast at your feet. “We happily await your return to the burj khalifa…” calls out a voice snapping you back. The eagle driver side door opens up as you look over.


Gripping the wheel slipping into the form fitting seats…

Everything vanishes again…

The purring groans of the engine sooth your breaths…

The snap closure of the door cling…

Igniting the engine…

A flick of a switch sends the pump of the beat to your speakers filling the air.

Hitting the clutch kicking it into gear…

Roars fill the air as your pull out slowly. A beast waiting to be unleashed. Clearing the round about onto the main road.

A grunting blast and  shrill…

Sending the car blasting out of sight in a matter of moments into the desert haze.

Leaving a crowd taking shallow breaths your lips slightly parted…

The SLR by HaruMotors…

Attention to detail… Quality of craftsmanship… Brand Ideal…

All quality HaruMotors posses.

The SLR by HaruMotors is a quality staple to any luxury car enthusiast’s collection.


That being said lets get down to bras tax.


The car is equipped with a automatic attaching hud among many other features. Now I have yet to decide if that is a feature I like or dislike. Since it has the potential to detach a pre existing hud it can be a inconvenience. However it’s features are pleasant. The familiar option to allow Friends or Anyone to drive. Horn and lights all small details we wouldn’t miss till gone. So we are happy HaruMotors remembers that its all about the little details.

The Car:

With detailed sculpted lights and sculpted light bulbs. Sculpted steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals. The car has a level of detail not familiar to most of Second Life. The car has custom animations for the eagle doors for both driver and passenger.. Allowing its privileged owners and guests a level of realism and greater RP potential. On the topic of custom work. Though the concept that  the project for this fantastic show piece of workmanship could have cut corners is hard to grasp. The sounds animations for the car when stationary and even in motion are phenomenal. However when the car is its lower gear; It plays the same sound animation as when you are raging at the top gears blasting past other super cars as if they were standing still. Though in the higher gears the car’s sounds are fantastic and only urge you to press down on the gas harder. When driving in a more restricted environment. The sounds can be a bit much to the ear. Making it sounds like the car is stuck between gears. Flat out annoying. Making it seem like corners were cut in production. But when you look at the upside. Those pesky school zone speed traps and downtown speed cameras wouldn’t stand a chance of capturing anything more then a haze of a blur in their lenses. Leaving us to wonder why would anyone buy this car to go the speed limit.

On a personal note:

When on this photo shoot in the streets of Dubai. Several people felt it necessary to comment on the appeal of the car. “I love your car”, “Nice car!” and, the oh so familiar “That’s Hot” Which personally made me turn to see if Paris Hilton had picked up SL. Much to my dismay she had not (please insert sarcastic comment here).

So on that note; At the standard price of most luxury cars in SL this car is well worth the price. Taken into consideration of the lower gear sounds. This super car is still an accent to any enthusiast.

Rest assured that the purchase will be a pleasant one every time you step into the cockpit of the SLR by HaruMotors.






Article Written by: Alexand Vantelli

Pictures Taken by: Alexand Vantelli